Partnership of KVS and Microsoft

The KVS has signed an MOU with the Microsoft to conduct the training of teachers and Principals in latest computer skills under ‘Project Shiksha’. KVS and Microsoft have become ‘Partners in Learning’.

Partners in Learning

Under Partners in Learning, Microsoft is working with governments, ministries of education, and other key stakeholders to offer a spectrum of education resources including tools, programs, and practices. The fundamental premise of this vision is that technology in education can be a powerful catalyst to promote learning and that education changes lives, families, communities, and ultimately nations.

Objectives of ‘Project Shiksha’

  • The project aims to deliver comprehensive training and curriculum leadership to enable students and teachers to realize their potential.
  • Accelerate computer literacy for teachers, students and the broader academic community.
  • Enable students to lead in IT skills.
  • Empower students, through their teachers, to become the next generation of cutting edge professionals thus enabling ---India---- to remain an IT powerhouse.
  • The training under ‘Project Shiksha’ consists of the curriculum designed by Microsoft in a courseware Technology for Education – Teacher training program which includes:
  • Examples of how the technology tools can be implemented in the classroom.
  • Discussion of key theory and concepts.
  • Detailed steps to help the teacher master the technology skills.
  • Hands-on projects to challenge the understanding and reinforce each concept.
  • Teaching strategies to implement in the classroom.
  • Exploring Internet links to more information on the topic.
  • The course encompasses various aspects of computer literacy including Visual Presentation and Web creation tools, Digital Encyclopaedia and Projects, Spreadsheets etc.

Modalities of training programme in KVS

  • All teachers are being covered under the program. The expert trainers are training all the teachers directly and the doubts of the teachers are being cleared then and there. The training is found to be very effective.
  • The teachers are being trained at their respective KVs. In case there is no proper computer lab in their KV, they are being trained at the nearest KV where such facilities are available.
  • The teachers are being trained after school hours for 10 days by working 3-4 hours per day depending on the local conditions.
  • The training programme will continue till April 2008 and cover all the teachers.
Present Status

The Phase I of the training programme which started on 2nd January 2007 has ended on 23rd Feruary 2007 covering more than 5000 teachers and office staff working in about 100 KVs. Phase II of the training programme is starting on 26th February 2007.

MOU between Microsoft and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan